Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Casey said...

Casey said "After reading everyone's comments, and probably my own, I ask that Jake do a blog on the proper uses of the following words and grammatical points"

In honor of Casey finally learning how to use a computer and the internet, today's blog is a spelling lesson. Everyone needs to practice the following words until you get them right. I have listed each word with an example sentence next to it. Hopefully this will make future comment posting much less painful for the readers. Good luck!

To: I hope Casey will take me to the hot dog stand.
Two: I only want one hot dog, but I'm sure Casey wants two.
Too: Oh who am I kidding, I do too!
Toot: Those two hot dogs made me toot.

Sense: It made no sense when Justin decided to live with Matt in our third year of college.
Since: There have been many changes since Obama took office.
Cents: I just bought some used women's underwear for 10 cents.
Sense and Sensibility: Chick flick based on Jane Austen's novel.

Their: Their hot air balloon has a hole in it.
There: Their hot air balloon is going to crash over there.
They're: They're going to die in a fiery hot air balloon accident.
There-There: What old people say to you when you're upset.

Encase: My body was encased in the huge vat of queso.
In case: In case I never get out, I want my family to know I died a happy man.
Briefcase: I hope there is a spoon in my briefcase.

Commas: Commas should be used anytime your sentence needs a pause. If you read your sentence aloud and you pause naturally while reading it, then there is a good chance that you should insert a comma. You should also use them when listing things out or describing things with multiple adjectives.

1. I made 18 pancakes, but I could not finish them all.
2. Dwight's favorite things include bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica. (AP style says not to use the second comma, but I disagree)
3. Although I am slow mentally, I could kill you in a foot race.


  1. you forgot:

    you're: Jake, you're fat and bald.
    your: Your hair fell out and your gut got big.
    yore: You look like you were born in the days of yore.

    horrible: Pretty Woman is a horrible movie
    whoreable: Julia Roberts' character in pretty woman was absolutely whoreable.

  2. Yore a jerk for making you're comments so rude and personable. I hope yur hair falls out two. And their is no comment I can make about yur fatness cents its to late.

  3. Now this is a blog entry!! I have added a little more for your edification.

    Whether: It doesn't matter whether or not Dylan actually likes men, he is gay either way.

    Weather: Oh the weather outside is weather.

    Wither: My dreams of becoming a professional athlete have withered away.

    Wither (street alt.): No that's not my girl...I'm just wither tonight.

    Twitter: This guy asked me if I twitter and I kicked him in the balls.

  4. I'm last one may have been a little confusing to some of you out there so here is the correction.

    Twitter: This guy asked me if I twitter and I kicked him where his balls used to be.

  5. This game is fun! I found some other homonyms with which I will enlighten you (and yes, that sentence sounds real gay but you’re also not supposed to end sentences with prepositions).

    Bald: Jake, you’re fat and bald.
    Bawled: Cindy bawled like a baby when she realized Jake was getting fat and losing his hair.
    Balled: Brett balled the crap out of that male prostitute last night!

    Holey: Swiss cheese is both holey and delicious!
    Holy: Holy Mary, mother of God!
    Wholly: Washington D.C. was wholly trashed by the people supporting Obama when he gave his “you are accountable for your actions” speech.
    Holley: Keith made Lindsay legally change her name to Holley.

    Bell: I got my bell rung once when relieving myself on a tree by the river.
    Belle: Cindy was the belle of the ball at her wedding.
    Bel: Man, I sure do love Bel Biv Devoe! Poison, poison, p-p-poisin!

  6. so: jake, brett and Casey are so stupid.
    sew: jake, brett and Casey are so stupid. I w
    wish they would sew up their pie holes.

    see: Do you see Jake, Brett and Casey acting stupid?
    sea: Do you see Jake, Brett and Casey acting stupid by the sea?

  7. Gracias: Hey Nancy, thanks for not including me with those stupid assclowns. Or as our brothers down south would say, gracias!

    Grassy Ass: Since Propecia and Rogaine weren't helping, Jake tried using fertilizer on his head but all he ended up doing was getting a grassy ass.

  8. Justin that makes no cents.

    Purple: That plum is purple.
    Light Urple: That shirt is a really pretty shade of light urple.

  9. I shall venture a guess! Who is Jaleel White? Is he not the little nerdy fellow who likes cheese?

  10. hit someone with a homemade knife
    *Jake to Justin: i am going to shank you!
    *Justin to Jake: o no please don't

    Shiv...a weapon made out of an commonplace object.
    *Jake built a shiv to shank Justin with.

  11. I am now going to bash Casey because he just third wheeled me.

    Browse: Casey needs to learn how to browse a little bit more.

    Brows: Casey likes to wax his brows.

    Bros: Bros before hoes Casey...Bros before hoes.

  12. Umm Kevin, I'm not quite sure you fully understood the task here buddy...

    Groan: Justin had to groan when he realized how much Vista sucked.
    Grown: Hopefully, after this exercise, Kevin's grammatical skills will have grown!

  13. Doubtful: Very doubtful that Kevin's grammatical skill will improve after this exercise.
    No Doubt: Kevin is correct on his first word or a 90's band.

  14. homonym: Kevin doesn't understand homonyms.
    homohymn: Dylan loves to sing homohymns.

  15. Time: Well, we actually have a pretty nice little Saturday planned, we're going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time.

    Thyme: These potatoes are most delish. I can really taste the rosemary and thyme.

  16. gay: Justin is gay (attacted to men.
    gay: Justin is gay (happy).

  17. gay: Justin is gay (attacted to men.
    gay: Justin is gay (happy).

  18. Wow. I was not expecting that!

    Suit: Nancy is a corporate sell-out and Billy Walsh would call her a suit.
    Soot: Nancy's heart is cold, black and covered in soot.

  19. Norris: Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer.
    Norhis: Chuck has not lost his skill norhis ability to be a bad mama-jama.

  20. Die: I wish Justin would die for being rude to my mom.
    Dye: I wish I had hair to dye.

  21. hormones: Last night, Eric's moms hormones were out of control.

    whore moans: Last night, Eric's moms whore moans were out of control.

  22. ok so I shouldn't have let Matt's go through, but it was too funny to resist

    Dallas people: Matt is talking about Ryan

  23. Raised: The position of the flag at Pancho's, when Jake is there.

    Rased: Like what will happen to the Pancho's franchise if Jake does not get all he can eat spinach enchiladas!

    Raced: What Casey did from Dallas, on mention of a trip to Pancho's

    Racist: Remarks made by JB about everyone at Pancho's

  24. Great blog entry. Though I do believe Jake's centsorship has become a little lax.

    Also, I am confused about the proper usage of aisle, isle, and Ailsa. I may never figure that one out.

  25. aisle: Casey can't fit in an airplane aisle.
    isle: Brits are stupid! Its island, not isle!
    ailsa: Lindsay gets mad when I talk about Ailsa and make it sound like aisle.

  26. Yes, I see. Thanks. I believe you mean it's not its.

  27. Thanks Vanessa. And I believe you meant censorship, not centsorship.

  28. I agree with Vanessa. My first blog entry was rejected because I used the word Bitch, but some of these comments are just as bad.

  29. Guys!!! It's not easy moderating all of these comments. See below for approved and not approved language for future reference. If any of your comment postings include not approved words I will reject them. This is a family-friendly blog!!!!

    - hell
    - damn
    - jackass
    - hormones
    - horrible
    - balls
    - twitter

    Not Approved:
    - b----
    - a--
    - f---
    - s---
    - w---- moans
    - w----able
    - c---
    - bald
    - rogaine

  30. I'm a little late

    yew: imagine all of the yew we would have wasted printing these ridiculous comments

    ewe: I hope you boys end up with something better than a ewe

    you: so you don't have a car....
    (this is for mom and Justin)

  31. which: I don't think i can pick which comment is my favorite, as they're all so delightful.

    witch: Hillary Clinton is Nazi Witch.

    wench: Jerod's mom is Brett's pepsi wench.

    which Wich: A delicious Sandwich Shop
    for: Justin and Dylan were meant for each other.

    fore: It would have been funny if that guy would have yelled "fore" right before he punched Justin in the face.

    Four: Dylan takes approximately four diarrheas an hour. As a result of this, he also takes at least four Immodium a day.
    into: Crystal slammed Dylan's face into his dashboard, shattering it.

    in too: If you guys are going to post funny things about homonyms, I'm in too.

    in two: I asked Casey if he was Hungry. He answered "Yes" in two seconds flat.

  32. wonder/wander:

    I wonder why Dylan keeps wandering off with that guy.