Friday, March 20, 2009

Guest Post: 'Gay Marriage'

Guest Post by Sarah: 'Gay Marriage'

As some of you may know in the past election the State of California voted to again ban gay marriage. This topic has been a heated topic for years. I have some difficulty understanding why so many people are against this. I am not gay and do not have many gay friends/family (openly gay anyway), but I feel that this goes against what our country stands for. Don’t gay people pay the same taxes and live by the same rules as straight people do? Why are they not able to have the same civil liberties? How would a same sex marriage affect anyone’s personal life?
I have heard a number of arguments of why people do not believe this should be allowed. One is they feel that it would “re-define” the meaning of marriage. We have redefined the meaning of marriage two times in the past. First – union of a black couple. Second – union of a mixed race couple black and white. I don’t see any harm coming from that. Another reason given is it would ruin the “sanctity” of marriage. In this country we are allow to follow the religion we choose, and have many different religions that are in our nation. We do not all follow the same one and some of us do not follow any at all.

In my opinion I feel it is wrong to deny same sex marriage. With a divorce rate of 50% in this country I don’t believe we have a right to say marriage is as pure as it is described as being. Divorce is not even looked down upon as much as it once was. What if your right to marry was taken away? Shouldn’t gay people have the same rights across the board as straight people….no more, no less? I don’t feel like they are asking for anyone to applaud it or fight for it, but only to have the choice.



  1. I'm kind of torn on this issue. I think churches and religions have the right to say that marriage is only between a man and a woman and refuse to marry homosexuals. But marriage is not just a religious ceremony, its also a contractual agreement in the eyes of our government and constitution and you can get married at the Justice of the Peace. Every citizen should be afforded the same rights, gay or straight. But don't civil unions accomplish that?

  2. Another thought...and I mean no offense to anyone with gay friends or family. But I am also torn on whether I agree with homosexuality at all. Although some people pretend to be gay for attention-getting purposes, I believe most gay people truly feel attracted to the same sex. But it is fundamentally un-natural - we're just not made that way. Life cannot continue without a man and a woman, each has their parts that get the job done. I strongly believe in every person's individual rights and freedoms, including a person's right to be gay, but I do not understand it.

  3. Civil unions do accomplish that to some extent, but civil union of same sex couples are only allowed in four states. And even then it will not be recognized in any other state unless they have the same law. Also, there has been found that there is a little over 1,000 laws where federal benefits, rights or privileges were contingent on marital status. They include tax breaks, pensions and Social Security benefits, inheritance rights and loans.

    As far as being un-natural there are many arguments. Where it is attention, environment in childhood, abuse, chemicals during brain development, etc. I don't know what is true or what to believe. I just feel that someones sexual preference doesn't effect me unless they are hitting on me, asking me to by homosexual, etc. I feel that people and there relationship and sexual preference is there personal business. I guess I just don't feel there is enough evidence that it will effect a large amount of people, other than their personal beliefs, to deny them the right.

  4. Those are good points. You're right, gay people are citizens too and should have all of the same rights as you and I including getting married. I don't really care if its called marriage or civil unions as long as they enjoy the same benefits, rights, and protection under the civil union status as they would under the married status.

  5. This is one of those issues that I think will be around us for most of our lives. Why, like Jake I have a hard time understanding the idea or concept...what ever you want to call it, I think that any human should have the same rights as another. I personally will never think any less of someone who is straight or homosexuality. If a church sect does not wish to honor it, then that should be fine as that is their right. But the government should allow it as the United States is suppose to be church separate from state. Any human should be able to go to the justice of piece and be recognized as one legally with another human in my eyes.