Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Presidential Polls

You damn people are so lucky! I'm going to post twice in one day. Alright, in case you haven't heard Obama's approval rating is dropping. So for any of you spine-less people tha are only supporting him because of peer pressure, be prepared to switch sides. The recent drops have been because of the way the current administration has been handling the recession and economy. I think most people are catching on that you can't spend and borrow your way out of a recession.
I found the chart above interesting. The media has led us to believe that Obama has unprecented approval ratings and popularity but as you can see above there have been plenty of past presidents with higher approval ratings at 50 days into their administration, including W. during his first term. So don't be afraid to make you own decision about the President and Congress' decisions, you are not alone. Just because NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, and MTV are in the bag for Obama regardless of what he does, we do not have to be. We can evaluate Obama's performance independent of what the talking heads tell us...good or bad, we deserve and he deserves an honest assessment of the job he is doing.
Another cool chart: click on the link below. WSJ has historical approval ratings for all past presidents and you can see the approval ratings throughout each of their terms as it compares with the events that were happening at that time. W had one of the highest at the beginning and then sank like a rock throughout the rest of his terms. Clinton's last term doesn't even look affected by the Monica Lewinsky thing.


  1. I find it interesting how Clinton is the only president on that list that ends higher then when he started. Shows you why I don't like polls, because he was just a crooked man. Also you need to add FOX new to your lest of news sources not to listen to, they are to extreme the other way. I hate how our news companies today don't look at politics as a neutral source anymore. You turn on MSNBC (or their family of networks) and all you hear is how wonderful Democrats are and how horrible...so Republicans are. So you switch over to Fox NEWs and their networks and all you her is the opposite. All very very annoying. As most of you might be able to tell now, I am not a party supporter. I stand with George Washington, parties are bad for the US government.

  2. Polls are just reflective of how the economy is doing more than anything else. Clinton's was only higher at the end of his term because of how well the economy was at the time, due mostly to the internet and rapid advancements in computers. I personally like Clinton but I don't think he balanced the budget because of how charming he was.

    I agree with Kevin's point about the parties. It is the governments largest form of control over the people and most do not even realize it.

  3. Jake, you have been very clear on this blog about your distaste for the actions of President Obama thus far and your feeling on bailouts. I don't strongly disagree with anything you have said but I have a hard time understanding how it is so clear cut to you. I mean the alternative to not bailing out those companies is to allow them to go under, which would cause higher unemployment, less productivity, and would send the country even farther into recession. Trust me when I tell you that I hate the idea of bailing out a bunch of executives who couldn't run their business effectively, and in the long run I have no doubt it would be better to just let them go under. But the general populous of this country doesn't want to hear that things have to get worse before they get better. They just want things to get better. They may complain about having to bail out a bunch of companies but just wait for the repercussions of allowing the entire American auto industry to just die. It is political suicide. And as sad as it is, that is the leading factor for any action a politician takes.

    There is no easy formula for getting a country out of a recession. While it may be just a band-aid I can clearly see the logic of increasing government spending to boost the economy and increase consumer confidence. I am interested to hear what you think is the best course of action for our government.