Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ray's Song

So Ray thinks I should tone down the political rhetoric on this blog. So I wrote this song for you Ray...
(and yes Vanessa, I figured out how this rhyming stuff works - kind of)

Hair, or Lack Thereof
Sunlight reflecting down on you,
your head is covered with the morning dew.

Your head looks like Enchanted Rock,
this song is about the School of Hard Knocks.

Everytime I look at your head,
all I see is a bird's nest instead.

I don't what happened to all of your hair,
as long as I have mine I don't really care.

I just got Lasik and can finally see,
why all those people were laughing at me.

As it turns out its not you its me,
I'm as bald as a baby of three.

I hoped this song helped you see the light,
don't tell me how to write my blog or I'll send Brett over to finish the fight!


  1. Dad reads this blog? I never imagined Dad would be a blogger, haha

  2. Ray says....

    Balding is a sign of wisdom. You should learn to challenge your own prejudices. And not a good idea to send a boy to do a man's job.

  3. bald men are very hot. examples: The Rock; Yul brenner; Bruce willis, jake donaldon; sinded o'connor; john locke from losgt