Thursday, March 12, 2009

TV Options

The Dallas guys need your help! Which TV is the best solution for their new house?

1. Projector and screen - large format, can be mounted in different locations, screen can be raised when not in use, some warm up time for projector, must periodically change projector lamp, must minimize light to get full effect
2. Flat panel over fireplace - looks nicer than projection screen, can watch with the lights on, turns on instantly

3. 13" Old school - keeping it real


  1. I think I am going to hesitantly vote for the projection...but only because that means our "family portrait" can go over the fireplace like originally planned.

  2. While I think a projector and screen look cool in a media room, I don't think it looks cool in a living room. Kind of similar to leather vest vs. leather jacket.

  3. Keep in mind too that the projector requires the living room to be set-up very odd and non-Feng Shui (you architects might appreciate that). Plus the living room is probably too small for an 80-100 inch screen.

    The T.V. over the fireplace gives maximum viewing ability for the most guests in the house (including about half the kitchen) plus allows for another couch to be added to the room.

    I think you know what my vote was...

  4. Don't be so quick to dismiss the old school option. Compare the cost of the other two options vs the old school option? The the 13" TV is free you say? I suggest going with the freebie since casual day is out. Spend those dollars on business attire to impress your VP.

  5. While I am sure all the guys love their books on "How to make fruit drinks to pick up awesome chicks"...I feel that they need to go with the projection screen. You can get very contemporary and nice looking screens for cheap now so they flow with the space. Also projectors are all in HD now, so that side is covered too. The screen give you more options as host to parties over a flat panel...but if you go with a flat panel please get a LCD over anything else. Thankyou

  6. You can't beat a Samsung LCD...