Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wasteful Spending

Don't worry, I promise not all of the postings will be political.
Our country is in the middle of a crushing recession. We are massively in-debt, our GDP is shrinking, our unemployment rate is increasing with every passing day, and our stock markets continue to plunge downward. And yet The President and Democratic-controlled Congress continue to spend money at an alarming rate racking up the biggest deficit in our country's history.

Obama and Congress say that all of this spending will stimulate the economy, but much of what they are buying with our tax dollars are nothing more than Democratic pet programs that have nothing to do with helping the economy. Some of them may be valid programs, but they should be debated individually based on their merits in front of Congress (you know, like they do in a real Democracy) instead of hidden within the so-called stimulus bills and emergency budget spending packages. For your enlightenment, I will keep a running list of what Congress and the President have been spending our tax dollars on. Although we are in the midst of a national and global financial crisis, you will be amazed at the kind of crap our government is spending money on. Just like all politicians, this administration is saying one thing and doing another. Obama is preaching fiscal responsiblity to Americans, but Congress and Obama are spending money faster than I can finish a round of Velvet Melvin nachos (we all know thats not possible, but you get my point).
We as individuals are expected to balance our budget, pay our bills, and live within our means - shouldn't we expect the same of our local, state, and national government?


  1. Who is this Obama character I keep hearing about?

  2. hope and change brett, hope and change