Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And the Survey Says...

Past Poll Results to date:
- Most people would actually see Footloose 2 starring Eric.
- Poppins is better than Wonka.
- Old people stay in the workplace too long.
- Embryonic Stem cell research should be done.
- Most people would prefer to see Brokeback Mountain starring Eric (over the Jerk and Young Guns) starring Eric.)
- The flat panel over the fireplace is the best solution for the Dallas guys’ new house.
- The communist cow is the best type of political cow.
- Jake did get it right on the cause of the recession.
- Gay people should be allowed to get married.
- Bam Obama and Billary are both awesome.
- Mac’s are better than PC’s.
- Houston is better than Dallas.
- Brett has the best homonym: whether/weather/wither/wit her/twitter.
- Woody was the best male Cheer’s character.
- Most people never use the USPS if they can help it.
- Coins are horrible and most people hate them as much as Jake.
- Most people want Cindy to be the next guest blogger.
- We are in fact headed towards an idiocracy.
- Sorry Brett, you and the Mayans are crazy.
- Jake’s 3 step plan is the best solution to the illegal immigration problem.
- Lack of communication is the most common cause of divorce.
- Most people marry the wrong person due to immaturity.


  1. I pulled this image off the internet, but I'm not sure what the question was, I'm guessing what do dogs bite, like, chase? Other possible answers might be frisbee, mailman, ball...

  2. Gee this is great! How did you come up with this idea?