Monday, May 25, 2009

Guest Post: ' O'Nancy'

Guest Post by Kelly: "O'Nancy"

In case yall didn’t know, Nancy/Mom’s birthday is on Tuesday. Since her birthday is on the 26th, I thought I would come up with a list of 26 things I love about her.

1. She finished her undergraduate and MBA degrees while working full-time with two kids
2. Some of her favorite movies are: Old School, Wedding Crashers, and Napolean Dynamite3. She is always giving Bath and Bodyworks lotion - which I always need
4. When I needed work clothes, we went shopping - even when I complained
5. She is patient enough to wait it out a bad mood of mine
6. Its her side of the family that’s Choctaw - need I say more?
7. She reads ridiculous, trashy magazines
8. She has worked for the same company her whole life
9. She got me hook on Lifetime
10. Growing up, she loved to create little gift baskets for certain holidays and would have them ready for when we woke up
11. She used to drive me 2 hours to Tyler to see my best friend
12. She let me go to France and the UK when I was in high school13. She’s never gotten mad when I’ve forgotten a birthday or Mother’s Day present
14. She let Katie and I sell beads and crackers with Peanut Butter (which I’m sure she made) at a local school on a Saturday.
15. She gave me my first drink - well actually, I think Dylan made it and she handed it to me, but nevertheless, she ended up drinking it
16. She drove me to a shady skating rink every Friday and Saturday night and trusted me not to get in trouble.
17. She makes me go for pedicures..
18. She loves family and will sacrifice for it - not just Jake, Dad and I, everyone included.
19. She will sometimes drive to the tune of a song - pressing the gas to the beat of the song. But more often she’ll just step on the brake at random times and it can make for a queasy ride, especially in traffic.
20. She is wicked funny.
21. She lets me laugh at the time she threw up on an airplane
22. Sometimes I just needed to cry, and she let me - especially when my childhood friend left and when Jake went to college - yea, yea, hush.23. She never complained about having to wait in doctors’ offices for hours.
24. Anything Jake or I needed, she was always there to help figure it out
25. She has a retirement clock in her office
26. She genuinely likes all of Jake’s knucklehead friends J

In honor of her birthday, what are some of yall’s favorite Nancy things?


  1. 1. She married a bad mama jamma!

    2. "That ol' gray mule, aint what she used to be" strrrrrruuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    3. She was a fan of and told me she thinks I missed my calling as a writer.

    4. She survived the great Amber University to Amberton University transition.

    5. She doesn't condone what we do, but she doesn't really condemn it either.

    Basically she's a bad ass!

  2. 1. She used ride on the back of Ray's (aka bad mama jamma) motorcycle holding his beer as they cruised down the road.

    2. Office Space

    3. She has worked hard aquiring degrees and climbing the corporate ladder, so we (the pervibial we) can have a pool, and a porsche, a vespa, and most importantly, a vacation house in the mountains.

    4. She is not too old to have one too many Pina Coladas (made by me) and drop her son's phone in the pool.

    5. She also has not talked to Gabe Cantu since January 7, 2006. Way to stay strong and be part of the group Nancy.

    I did not spell check or grammar check. Holla!!!

  3. I concur with Casey comment #5 and Dylan comment #1. Both very funny.

  4. 1. Actually finds my friends entertaining rather than offensive.
    2. Was #2 in Justin's downline.
    3. Rides a vespa.

  5. Thank you for all the nice comments (especially you Kel) but I feel the need to clarfy one point. I am NOT #2 in Justin's downline.