Friday, May 15, 2009

Open Mic Friday


  1. Vanessa- I want to know when we're going to see your guest blogs about values in modern society and office differences.

  2. I am so freakin' excited about the river trip!!!!!
    Did anyone watch the office last night? "I knew we would get allow when I heard him ask for shoes that would make him extremely fast, but left no trace." lol

  3. Is brett going or not going to the river? I can't even begin to focus on my guest blogs until I know...

    Apparently a vote for freedom is not a vote for going to the river... ;)

  4. Why is cheese and qaso so good?

  5. Vanessa, since I never told anyone that I was going to the river, you would think that I am not going, but since I am on the list of confirmed going, you would think that I am. You follow?

    Kevin....I'm not quite sure what to say...I'm at a loss for words.

  6. Why does Kevin compare the same things but in different languages? I would also ask why his queso has an "a" but I don't think anybody is surprised at that one.

  7. Vanessa - Of course a vote for freedom is not a vote for going to the river. It's a vote for doing whatever the hell you want. So obviously that's what Brett is doing and you just have to deal with it!

  8. Jake, this open mic Friday would be going a lot smoother if you either:

    a. Posted our responses in a timely fashion or

    b. quit being a communist by screening all of our comments.

  9. I agree with Brett. You're a fascist nazi Jake. Yet after saying that, I feel that I should love you...

  10. Dylan, why hack into Justin's computer when I still have the video on my camera and on my laptop.
    Justin, I posted a blog, happy?
    Casey, "my balls are greasy as hell".
    Jake, I will watch my language on here but that needed to be said, and it was very nice to meet you.

  11. I agree with Brett's comment, which ever comment Jake allows this comment to follow. Vanessa, you follow?

    Oh, and Brett is most defiantly in for some river coming up. Huh Kevin?

  12. Ok, I think I still don’t get it. So just as a note to all actually going to the trip - bring an extra 5 dollars in case Brett does not show up.

  13. 1. Welcome Tiffany! Now, screw you and your camera!
    2. Dylan and kevin, spell check called. It misses you both.
    3. Brett's coming and he's bringig his awesome commentary with him!!!
    4. Did anyone else know Pam from 'The Office' was such a lesbian?

  14. 1: Welcome Tiffany and thank you for providing such vivid commentary for your first post.
    2: Who's Tiffany?
    3: Casey, when you were talking to spell check, did it have any suggestions for you?
    4: Seriously Kevin, what?

  15. 1. I love that people are numbering and lettering there comments
    2. Casey - thanks for clearing that up
    3. I am mad the Keith beat me to commenting on bringig
    4. where are jake's comments?

  16. Sorry guys.

    1. Vanessa, you can get my extra 5 from Brett.
    2. Brett, JB, and Dylan - screw you guys
    3. Kevin what the hell?
    4. Tiffany, don't worry, if you post something inappropriate I will reject it.
    5. Everyone, tmb.

  17. A. Spell check told me that "N" is the most racist
    letter in all the alphabet and to exclude it from time to time, just to show it who's boss!

    B. Much like the rest of my body, my fingers are fat as hell and it is difficult to type on my phone with them. I'll try to do better from now on.

    a. I eat too much. Specifically, I eat too much sugar, but it's just so gosh darn delicious.

    b. I also enjoy cheese and queso, which are also bad for the belly.

    1. Cheese is queso

    2. Queso is Cheese

    C. I vote for Kevin to win the WTF comment again!

    a. I like Boss' awards and think we should do them every week.

    b. I wish someone would "Out JB, JB".

  18. No pressure Jake, but you are ruining my work week by not posting anything.