Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Robots are gonna fix stuff for us

Many people are scared of artificial intelligence and of robots in general. They think that we will make robots so smart that they will figure out a way to dominate mankind and eventually take over the world.

Well that is a risk I am willing to take. Robots are awesome. I wish I had a robot to do everything for me. My customized robot would drive me places, do my laundry, and have a microwave built into its stomach. And you know what, if my microwave in its belly robot is able to figure out a way to dominate mankind and take over the world then it is one smart robot. And it could probably do a better job of running this world than we have so far. We suck at it. So I say bring on the robots and all they have to offer....especially those dancing robots (bottom YouTube link in the video bar).


  1. This midnight post is ridiculous. Robots should be welcomed for the following reasons:

    1. They're shiny. Other than Jake's bald head, name one other shiny thing that is bad. You can't, because shiny stuff is awesome. Shiny new pennies are the only pennies I'll accept from a cashier, Shining shimmery demons are awesome at the guitar, and the guys at the shoe shine place in the airports always talk really cool! They say stuff like "Come on Mr. Dull shoes, let me polish those babies."

    2. They talk funny. Beings that speak in a monotone voice make people who SING in a monotone voice feel better about themselves.

    3. They wont video record you in your most vulnerable times and then show the video to anyone who walks in your house. Basically, they're better than my roommates.

    4. If they start acting all tough, just spray them with water. They're as big of pu$$i&s as the aliens from that awful Mel Gibson movie, "Signs".

    5. 2 words: Small Wonder!

    6. HELLOOOO! Eventually, robots are going to be freakin sexy as hell! Bring on those slutty cyborgs, please!

  2. Casey's mostly right. He's wrong about #3 though. My robot will absolutely be programmed to film Casey at his most vulnerable. He's definitely right about #6. I saw a robot on youtube that could play the trumpet and if it can play the trumpet, well...y'know. Huh? Huh? Who's with me?

  3. I like robots, the rock. So what if they take over the world like iRobot or the 18 Terminator movies. Anywaz, don't they have to follow those three rules. My robot will do all my chores and would also be programed to film Casey. I mean they are robots, so mine would have built in cameras. Also it could be like a watch dog for my house while I am gone, as I know Savannah would just run and pee. Oh and I am sure all the dallas guys would sign up for the sexbot, but please each get your own and don't share the same one.

  4. Your microwave in the belly robot wouldn’t have to be that smart to figure out that if he walks around giving out free hot pockets and taquitos he could rule at least half the population (the men), and I am pretty sure he could get the women with those microwavable betty crocker brownies…

    Either way I’m all for robots.

  5. I too am in big favor of robots, but I'm not as high on the rock as Kevin. It was ok, but Nicolas Cage doesn't really do it for me.

    Hey Casey, why don't you try having a little self control next time instead of displacing the blame of ridiculous actions onto those who had to witness it. Be thankful that your roommates care enough about you and your career aspirations to not post the video on youtube for an easy million hits.

  6. Brett, you are only half right. I would have posted it on this blog three days ago if I knew how to access JB's computer, and knew how to upload videos onto a blog site.

    Casey, you are lucky I suck at hacking and IT.

    Jake and Everyone else, Robots are for geeks. I don't find them cool in any way, and I hate movie previews with robots in them, because I know that is a movie that Brett will have to see with one of his other lovers. It pisses me off. I HAT F***ING ROBOTS!

  7. Dylan, how can you not love "Wall-E"

  8. Dylan you are an idiot.

    First off, I don't go see movies just because they have robots. I like sci-fi movies that look interesting regardless of whether or not there are robots involved.

    Second, while me and my male lovers are going to see sci-fi movies, you and your male lovers are getting hotel rooms at the W. I may talk a big gay game but you walk it.

    While we are on the subject, I'm going to make my best and worst list for movies about robots.

    Favorite robot movies (in no particular order):

    2001: A Space Odyssey -- This movie is a classic and is great if you don't need a bunch of action to keep you interested.

    Blade Runner -- One of my favorite movies of all time. One of the most original and groundbreaking movies ever.

    IRobot -- Cool idea along with plenty of star power.

    A.I. -- One of the most under rated movies. This was Stanley Kubrick's last project that he worked on for 12 years.

    Least Favorite:

    Transformers -- A little too goofy and over the top for my taste. Action and special affects only impress me if there is something of more substance behind it.

    Lost in Space -- terrible

    RoboCop -- terrible (all of them)

    Terminator -- Even though the story is cool I don't think any of these movies are that great. The new one looks promising though.

  9. AI is goin to overtake us..i mean the peak of or civilization is AI..after us they are going to live..