Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cell Phones

1. Check out the link below: New cell phones that absorb radio waves in the air to charge themselves automatically, pretty cool. But if you weren't worried about getting cancer from your phone before, this should leave you with no doubt.

2. People that wear ear piece phones annoy me. Is it a fashion statement, or do they really think they could get a call at any second and can't risk missing it, or is it just the convenience of hand's free operation (hehe)? Whatever the reason, it looks stupid. I wrote the following letter to people that wear them:

Dear Ear Turd Enthusiasts,

You look stupid. You think having a phone in your ear makes you look important, but really it just makes you look pretentious. If you really were important enough to need the ability to take a call at literally any second because whatever knowledge you possess is so critical and life changing that it can't wait for you to return a phone call, then chances are you would not be sitting next to me at the Smoothie King in the middle of a suburban shopping mall. Nor would you be shopping at Target or stocking up on the oversized bags of dog food at Walmart, and yet I continue to see you there. Usually important people shop at nicer places, and have someone on staff to handle those things for them. Also, walking around talking to yourself is not normal, you look crazy. And it pisses me off when you are looking in my direction talking and I look at you and say "Excuse me" and you point at your ear and give me this "Go to hell, I'm on the phone" look as if I am so old fashioned because I didn't know that someone looking at me saying something means that they are talking to their ear phone and not to the person they were looking at. But I'm ok with you using it in the car, I think it's safer.

Warmest Regards,

3. iPhones are by far the best handheld mobile devices. Blackberries suck.


  1. I just had to comment to say that I agree 100% on items 2 and 3!

    And to emphasize again that ear turd wearers really really suck! (except, of course, when they are driving a car)

    Do you think it is just a matter of time before cell phones just use the neutrons in our brain for power?

  2. Is that anything like the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away?

  3. Starting today I am boycotting all Apple products, which means I can no longer call any of my friends. If you are reading my comment on an iPhone right now...I hope you get in a car accident and die.

  4. The only reason someone shoud have an ear thingie on is when driving...that is it, no execption.

    4. Also, if you are going to pee or take a crap...this is not the time to have a phone conversation. Really, can you not wait!

  5. Hey Brett, you can call me...I have a LG and its Verizon

  6. Looking back, my previous statement was a little harsh...what I meant to say was I hope you get in a car accident and lose a limb.

  7. No offense MB3K, but I said I couldn't call any of my friends!

  8. OK...this guy at work just showed me a really cool game on his iPhone, so I am now a really big fan. Forget everything I said earlier.