Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Guest Post: 'Apple and the New iPhone"

Guest Post by Justin: 'Apple and the New iPhone"

Let me first say that I love my iPhone and I think that Apple has done some great things with the product, despite some obvious flaws. However, the new iPhone 3.0 OS (that’s the operating system for you dummies) that was released yesterday fixed almost all of my complaints with my 3G version. The only problem is, even though the iPhone software supports these now, AT&T is slacking and does not currently support either MMS messaging (picture texts) or internet tethering (using your phone as a modem with you PC). Both of those are great additions though and I’m looking forward to finally being able to make that happen. This post is not about the new OS. I would like to address the release of the new iPhone 3G S and the fact that we are definitely all puppets in the Apple play.

The new 3G S is the biggest rip-off I have ever seen. Anybody who is going to pay full price for that thing is an idiot. Anybody who is eligible for an upgrade and still pays $299 for it is a borderline idiot. Apple has not upgraded anything in this phone that is worth paying that kind of money. They are simply selling us the hype and, as usual being the dumb Americans we are, we think that we HAVE to have one. Let me break down the new features the iPhone 3G S is bringing you.

Improved Processor
Okay, so I give it Apple here because faster is always better. But what are you really going to be able to do faster? Download apps, pull up your Safari browser, refresh your email inbox quicker…? I don’t know about you, but that really isn’t a necessity or a current complaint with my phone. Mine is very fast and I download things at a completely acceptable rate. But since I do say that faster is always better, I give the edge to Apple and say good job on this one.

Video Mode and 3-Megapixel Camera
The absence of a video mode was a major complaint among iPhone owners but to me, it’s not all that cool. The quality is going to be complete crap and it will only be worth capturing some random moments at a bar when everybody bursts into song. While that is always fun and hilarious, everybody and their mom has a digital camera which can take video just as easily and better quality. Oh, and the 3-megapixel improvement is a joke. The current 3G is 2-megapixels. That extra 1 is not going to do crap. For this group, I say inconsequential and my view is unchanged.

Voice Control
You can program your contacts and music to have voice recognition and call/play whenever you simply say the name. I guess that is cool but I would really never use it and thus, not worth a significant amount of cash to gain this feature.

This is pretty cool and will work with the Google Maps app and rotate your screen to always have your driving direction going to your south to north. So if you are going north and take a right turn, your maps app will rotate the screen 90 degrees and adjust so that your direction of east still looks like your going up/down. I do like this feature and give Apple the thumbs up.

Cut/Copy/Paste, Landscape Mail and Text, MMS Messaging, Full Phone Search, Internet Tethering, and Voice Memos

All of the above features being advertised as new with the iPhone 3G S is the biggest load of marketing BS I have ever seen! They are not lying to you but they are definitely manipulating the truth! The new iPhone 3G S will come with the 3.0 OS already installed. Every single new feature above is part of the new OS, not the new iPhone! All of us with iPhones now can get onto iTunes and download the 3.0 OS and have those features on your phone right now. I’ve done it and it is sweet! But that is such horsecrap that Apple is trying to manipulate the morons out there into thinking that these features are exclusive to the latest iPhone version.
So to sum, there is nothing that comes exclusively new with the iPhone 3G S that I find extraordinary or worth shelling out a few hundred bucks. Yes, it is faster, has more memory (32 gigs), and a built-in compass but who the hell cares? My 16-gig iPhone 3G does everything I need it to and I haven’t come close to filling that thing with songs, pictures, etc. In fact, the 8-gig and the 16-gig 3G models are being dropped to $99 and $199 respectively. And once you buy one of those, you can download the new OS and be just as cool as those pretentious 3G S owning idiots, as long as you’re cool not having a badass compass. But it is your money and if 16 more gigs and a compass is worth another $200-400 then by all means go out and get yourself the latest iPhone. Just don’t be upset when I download a punch-in-the-face application on my old 3G and use it on you repeatedly.


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