Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hypothetical Hump Day: "Genie"

You are walking along a beach in the Bahamas (no not the same beach I'm on - Keith and Lindsay, stop following us dammit!) and you stub the crap out of your toe. You look down and there is an old, dirty, green bottle with a cork in it stuck in the sand. All of sudden you are overtaken by the urge to uncork the bottle and drink whatever is in the bottle. Giving in to this ridiculous and disgusting urge, you do it. You instantly begin to choke on a mixture of seaweed, sea water, sand, and shells. As you continue to gag and choke a genie comes out of the bottle and says "dude, that was disgusting, what were you thinking?" Flabbergasted, you stand there with your mouth open in amazement because there is a freaking genie in front of you. He then tells you that you get 3 wishes, anything you want, but the only catch is that you have to wear a 3' tall newspaper dunce hat for the rest of your life (and no, none of the wishes can be not to wear it). So do you take the 3 wishes? If so, what do you wish for?


  1. 1. Michael Jackson be resurrected.

    that's all.
    I just miss him so much.

  2. 1. I wish 3' tall newspaper dunce hat's were only worn by the coolest people around.

    2. I wish I didn't cry myself to sleep every night.

    3. I wish the ghost of Micahel Jackson would molest Matt and all of his descendants on a nightly basis for the rest of eternity.

  3. OK, I just watched the bottom video posted and can't stop laughing. That kid in the back rocks!!

  4. I wish...

    1. ...that Jake wouldn't take days off from the blog. (C'mon dude, we didn't elect you valedictorian so you could shirk your reblogibilities.

    2. ...that the I.A.W.B movement would grow into the most powerful political party in the northern hemishphere, complete with pundits and conventions.

    3. ...that I had a Sam Elliot moustache, matching, pearl grip pistols, and a "whetever-it-takes" credit card.

  5. First off assuming I am seeing a real genie and not hallucinating from the funky juice I just drank. I don’t know about you, but most genies I know you rub there lamp and not drink their juice…and I know a lot of genies.

    1. Ok, wish number one would be that I never get sick ever again.
    2. That I had an undisputable amount of cash in savings across the globe
    3. That no one could see my 3’ tall newspaper duce hat

  6. 1. world peace
    2. magic bowl of bottomless nachos
    3. 5 billion dollars

  7. 1. a grammar book for MB3K;
    2. a teacher to teach MB3K how to use said grammar book; and
    3. $2 for every grammar mistake MB3K still makes after studying said grammar book.

  8. alright, who keeps touching me!?

  9. Casey, you rock.

    Kevin aka MB3K