Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hypothetical Hump Day: What day is it?

After a long week of the same old stuff, you go to bed late on Sunday night (when I pictured the clock in my hypothetical, it read I'm getting old). When you wake up on Monday morning something doesn't feel right, and no, not like that. As you are going through your usual morning routine getting ready for work you notice that the date on your iPhone (sorry Brett - handheld mobile device) is last Monday's date. Confused and experiencing that ever so familiar feeling of deja vu, you start running around your house like a mad man trying to figure out the date. The news, internet, and newspaper all confirm the same thing. You have just waken up, 1 week ago. That's right, you just woke up on Monday morning one week earlier that what you have already lived through.

No doubt this would be a crazy feeling for anybody. What are you going to do with the 1 week do-over? At this point, let's assume that you don't know if this week will forever repeat Groundhog Day style, or if this is just a one time thing. Let's also assume that you have not eaten any of your stoner friends special mushroom brownies and that this experience is actually happening. Let's also assume you didn't know this was coming, so you couldn't have planned anything in advance. Some people would just freak out, maybe go crazy. Others might try to right the wrongs of their first attempt at the week, while others might think bigger picture.

What would you do if you woke up on Monday and it was 1 week earlier?


  1. Depends on which Monday. If I woke up and it was September 10, 2001, I'd probably make a few phone calls to the NSA, CIA, FBI, TSA, and other. If it was last money, I'd gather as much cash as I could, call a bookie and bet that the Lakers win it in game 5. I'd also call that lady who missed the Air France flight and tell her to get to the airport early because she's going to die in a lame car wreck if she doesn't. Lastly, I'd clean my dishes from dinner last night rather than this morning so that my roommate doesn't yell at me.

  2. Oh and I still wouldn't invest in Justin's downline.

  3. Jake, I have been looking at the picture you put with this post for 5 minutes and I am completely baffled. Am I missing something?

  4. As am I my friend, as am I. If I had a redo of this week, I would have posted a blog on Monday and found a better, less confusing picture for today's blog.

  5. I am with Brett, first off the German does not help...but what the heck is going on in that picture.

    First, I would most likely do everything the same. Although, like Casey, I would take advantage of everything like betting on a winning sports team. I however don't know if I would call out the september 11th thing, I guess I would...even know with out government you would most likely be arrested for being part of it sense you knew about it.

  6. mb3k - wouldn't it be worth the risk of getting thrown in clank if you could potentially save all those lives?

    I would be screwed trying to bet on sport's teams. I would probably watch all the sports and stock tickers that I could on the redo week just in case I redid the week again and could bet on them.

  7. Jake you bring up a good point, I don't watch sports so I most likely would not know either...after all, I just found out the Lakers won.

    I think I would try calling the airlines and physical building first...I don't really think the FBI or CIA, etc would really care...and they would rule you off as a crazy when you told them why you knew. But I know I would not just sit back and watch it unfold again.

  8. Now if this was groundhog style, I would do three things right off the bat.

    1. I would rob a bank, just to see if I could pull it off.

    2. Buy a Aston Martin and drive it to Vegas

    3. Rob a casino, see if I am smart enough to pull that off.

    I would do a lot of other things, but those would be what I would try first.

  9. I have absolutely no responsibilities today so I thought I'd work up an explication of the above picture.
    The language is Dutch.
    The file is named "Deja_vu.png"

    Hersenen - Brain
    Prikkel - Stimulation
    Perceptiestoornis - Perception Disorder
    Eerder Gezien! - Already Seen!

    Familiariteits Detector - Familiarity Detector
    (bijv. Hippocampus) - (eg. Hippocampus)
    Eerder Gezien! - Already Seen!
    Hersenstoornis - Brain Disorder

  10. If I could pick the week....I would want to perform Dave Chapelle's: For What it's Worth routine on the same stage he did, only I'd do it the night before him and see what happens.

  11. Well, first off, that picture still makes no sense to me, dutch or not. Heres my redo list:

    1. I'd tell my sister to keep the car. (we'd still be speaking to one another now)
    2. I'd remember the winning lotto numbers for the big jackpot. (need some financial gain of course)
    3. Remember to throw my inhaler in my purse, so as not to cause huge scene at in-laws. (read blog for more info)
    4. Hack into plane systems and cancel all flights for 9/11 and send anonymous email/phone message/letter to FBI, CIA, etc about possible terrorist attacks.
    5. Thought up the idea to throw pie in the prime ministers face. (hehe, that was a good one - but dont get caught)

  12. Oh, first thing I would do also is change my name to MB3K

  13. I have a new hypathedical question. How do people feel about cameras on public property. Say you are at the hang out taking a swim and there is a camera on the pool recording 24 hours. Even know someone is not watching can be reviewed later. FYI, cameras are also at the entrance and exit of the nieghboorhood? Your thoughts...does this freak you out...or would you not care

  14. my first thought is that is creepy. my second thought is way would you need a camera on the pool? and third, how much do the homeowner fees go up for this pool camera?

  15. The fees don't go up, the money comes from the already in place reserve. Also, the camera is there to deter and use as evidence for car would be on the club house which would have a full view of the pool and parking lot. FYI, this is not my idea...but I want to know what people think.

  16. RandiB - I like your shameless plug for your blog. Next time include a link, it might be more effective.

    Boss- Thanks for the translation. I'm still confused. That's the Dutch for you.

    MB3K - I don't usually call people out for spelling, but your spelling of hypothetical made me vomit in my mouth, swallow it, and then throw up again all over myself, which made the person sitting next to me throw up. It was horrible. I hope this isn't the week that I have to relive.

    MB3KHOA - I don't like cameras filming me ever. It violates my Constitutional right to privacy. Why not buy fake cameras and wires and give the illusion of a security system around the pool?

  17. Welcome fidothedog! Like your profile, but normally we don't hang with people that old. It sounds like our politcial views align somewhat, but be careful, there are a lot of free-love hippie communist liberals wandering around this blog as well. We believe in equal opportunity.

  18. We will revist this topic on open mic friday...good to hear that you are on my page Jake


  19. Jake, unfortunately the constitution only protects you from the government and not an overzealous home owners association, who in my opinion, might as well be considered government with their mandatory dues (taxes) and rules regarding landscaping (municipal code) and determining what kind of Christmas decorations are appropriate (Nazi Germany, third Reich).

    And if misspelled words were a disease, MB3K's version of hypothetical would be AIDS...