Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Guest Post: ' Annoying Things'

Guest Post by Nancy: ' Annoying Things'

1. Not being able to find something you have used for years (like creamy Italian dressing). What’s up with that???
2. Buzz words
3. Consultants (relates to #2)
4. Rich people
5. Women that go to lunch in their tennis clothes (relates to #4)
6. Blogs with little or no content (or not updates)
7. Child actors
8. Cute nicknames
9. People that try to finish your sentence (and always get it wrong)
10. Customer Service reps that close the call with “can I help you with anything else” when they haven’t helped you with anything to begin with!!!
11. Time Warner Cable (relates to #10)
12. Sales clerks that put my receipt in the bag (when I have just said GIVE IT TO ME)
13. The guy on the commercial that always says “bless your heart”
14. RandiB disappearing with absolutely no explanation!

I could go on and on but what’s the point.


  1. what annoys me lately are dead celebrities. For F's sake, did they not have enough of the spot light when they were alive?

  2. Oh and the phrase "no worries" by people who are not from "Down Under"...Annoying

  3. Casey, I think the "no worries" works for people who work in the caribean too.

    17. People that try to keep you from cancelling your credit card
    18. People that text while driving.
    19. People that wear their pants around their croch
    20. Any day the weather is over 100F
    21. RandiB for not saying goodbye or not making a scene

  4. I just don't you think it was the comments about MJ?

  5. When I got back to the building from lunch today, a lady got on the elevator wearing a tennis outfit. I laughed. Thanks, Nancy.

    22. Dylan's profile name: "The Dylan"...

  6. Great post Nancy...I agree with your entire list accept for child actors, which I take on a case by case basis.

    MB3K - What's the point of wearing pants if they don't go around your crotch? I am more than slightly confused by this annoyance of yours.

    I will never forgive myself for not letting Randi B know how I felt while she was here. She was like a shooting star that shined brightly, but only for an instant. Her blog was terrible though, and this world is a better place without it.

  7. 23. The fact that Dylan has two profiles on this blog, yet is never on here anyway.

  8. 24. Brett for being confused my my annoyance
    25. Gangsta boys outfits (maybe that's better for Brett)
    26. Long days that don't seem to end.
    27. Not seeing the day when Brett and RandiB tie the knot now that shes gone.

  9. 28. People who try to explain to you how to do something even though they have no idea what they are talking about.

  10. That "bless your heart" guy just sucks the life right out of me. He is easy to forget about but easily makes my ten most hated list. What list you might ask....

    10. Randi B's boyfriend
    9. Pretty Brian (1 Dylan is enough)
    8. Kevin Garnett
    7. George W. Bush (more the idea than the man)
    6. "Bless your heart" guy
    5. Kobe Bryant
    4. The Ewert brothers
    3. Todd Watlington
    2. Sean Seise
    1. Julia Roberts

  11. Honorable Mentions:

    Matt Damon

    Bill Belichick

    Any female actor from the show "Dexter"

    Ashley Simpson

    Most people that have been on any of the real worlds, or any reality TV show for that matter

    The kid from "Dazed and Confused" who keeps touching his face

    1 of Dylan's ex-girlfriends

    1 of Casey's ex-girlfriends

    (bathroom break)...

  12. and 1 of Jake's fiances...just kidding Jane!!

  13. I hate it when someone sits near me in a movie theater when it is almost empty! I don't get that. Spread out!!!

  14. Wow I have been missing out lately and just now playing catchup. Great post Nancy but can't we take Brett's mindset with child actors and apply it to consultants? I do agree that buzz words are totally lame but we're not all that bad.

    I'm not going to add to the list, I am going to list my favorites:

    10. Women that go to lunch in their tennis clothes
    9. The guy on the commercial that always says “bless your heart”
    8. Pretty Brian (1 Dylan is enough)
    7. Dylan's profile name: "The Dylan"
    6. Any female actor from the show "Dexter"
    5. The kid from "Dazed and Confused" who keeps touching his face
    4. Sean Seise
    3. Todd Watlington
    2. 1 of Casey's ex-girlfriends
    1. The Ewert brothers

  15. Jake. Your blog output of late is nothing short of abominable. Get it together.