Thursday, July 9, 2009

Guest Post: ' Remember When...'

Guest Post by Nancy: ' Remember When...'
1. pay phones were everywhere?
2. homeless people could buy dinner (or liquor) with change found in pay phones?
3. boy bands were popular?
4. Michael Jackson looked black?
5. Michael Jackson looked human?
6. Pamela Anderson was hot?
7. RandiB was following the blog?
8. we used VCRs?
9. we didn’t pay for drinking water?
10. English was the official language?
11. you could smoke anyplace?
12. Justin wasn’t a consultant?
13. Jake updated the blog religiously?
14. it was a big deal to ride in a limo?
15. the government was smaller?

NOTE: This is the last post from me. Someone else needs to step up to the plate and I mean it. We have to show Jake that this blog will live on with or without him!


  1. Well done Nancy...well done!

  2. I totally remember all of those things!

  3. Bravo Nancy Bravo...although, I thought you should say Bata 8-Track players instead of VHS tapes

    1. Casset deck's
    2. Sony Walkman's
    3. When Vegas tried to go kid friendly
    4. When RandiB had a great blog...oh wait
    5. When AOL sent all those CDs
    6. When we all lived in Dallas...minus Eric

  4. haha...AOL CD's, I like that one

  5. Is it too soon for:
    1. Remember when Justin lost all that money on Enfusion

  6. I am taking it personal that RandiB has as many votes as I do on the poll. I am hoping she got those votes from people who did not go check out her blog.

  7. The momentum of this blog has completely been destroyed. While there is plenty of blame to go around, I put 99.9% of it squarely on the shoulders of one Rayburn Jacob Donaldson.

    If I could change my three wishes I would include him in the molesting from the ghost of MJ.

  8. Brett - I'm trying to hire someone in my office so that I can dedicate my entire day to blogging. Do you know AutoCad?

  9. I hear Sarah is looking for work...I am sure you could hire her to do your blog or AutoCAD

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. *gust of wind*

  12. Hello, anyone there...echo echo echo

  13. Talk to us Jake. We can get through this.

  14. I think Jake is having a contest with Randi B to see who can hold out the longest for a new post.

  15. somehow we've managed to attract new members without any new posts...pretty crazy

  16. this is so sad. It reminds me of visiting a ghost town. :(