Thursday, July 23, 2009


The big man has been getting some grief for his speech last night regarding health care. The critics say that he is just saying a bunch of stuff without really saying anything at all. And that he didn't say anything new about the health care plan or go into detail about any of the specifics. It was more of a speech about why we need to revamp health care in this country.

A few things...

1. I'm ok with our President talking about the big picture on issues like this and then pushing Congress to do something about it. I think it's Congress' job (our representatives) to get their act together and create new legislation. I don't like when the executive branch tries to put together new bills and laws and then wheel and deal to get them passed through Congress. I think Obama has done a good job of staying in big picture leader role on this one.

2. This new health care plan, much like the last stimulus bill is over 1,000 pages long. And just like before, it has not been made public and no one has read it. Just like before, the bill will be finished at some ungodly hour of the morning and then immediately voted on the next day before anyone has time to read it. This is not acceptable to me. New bills and laws should be made public and should be read by every single person voting on it. Oh that's right, if people read it they might actually understand what the hell is going on and see what these politicians are trying to do and we can't have that. The plan must remain much for transparency.

3. I'm sorry - I still don't agree that we need this new health care system at all. Of course our system isn't perfect, but the majority of people in this country have health care and are happy with it. So why are we completely redoing the entire system for the minority? Why can't we reform, regulate, adjust, and/or tweak the existing system to be more inclusive of those that cannot afford it?

Why does our government need to be in the health care business when we have an entire industry already doing it? Is nobody else worried what is going to happen to all of these health care companies (that provide millions of jobs) when they try and compete against the US government which can fix the market? A better question, if my taxes pay for me to get health care through the government, then why would I continue to pay BCBS, United, or Aetna additional money for additional insurance? Sure some people who want better care will, but that's a small percentage. This will drive those companies out of business. But at least all of these unemployed health care people will have free health care while they are job hunting.


  1. I agree with you Jake. I don't think our system is perfect, but I also don't think we need an entire new system put in place. I am worried that this new health care plan is going to hurt our quality of healthcare. I think we should spend less money and work what we have in place now.

  2. Yea, I am not for Obama's system. I have been more in his camp then most people on the forum, but not on this topic. We should be going after the special favors drug companies give doctors and the 300% markups due to monopolies on certain drugs.

  3. I know I was supposed to post about his health care plan a few days ago, but there were two problems, one of which still is a problem. The main reason I didn't write anything was because I didn't have time, the other reason is that he's not giving any real specifics, and the specifics he is giving are contradictory to what his campaign era health care plan entailed.

    All through the campaign he criticised McCain's health care plan (which was by far the best one out of any candidate) because it allowed for a tax on employer supplied health care plans. But now, Obama proposes that one way to pay for his plan is to, that's right, tax employer provided health care plans. Another problem with it is the mandates and the excessive burden it will place on small business. Thanks to international (or interglobal/intergalactic as some describe them) mega-corporations and their enormous purchase power, it is difficult enough for small businesses to compete, the last thing government should be doing is increasing their operating costs. It's just silly.