Friday, July 24, 2009

Open Mic Friday


  1. I really like rain, its very peaceful and calming.

  2. Oh, nice image too Jake, that would make a great stock photo.

  3. I am wanting to post this just to warn everyone about bad costumer service at They will not take refunds. I bought a processor for my computer that was fired over the weekend. Once I got it I realized it was the wrong one and and within a day from it arriving I requested that I return it for a refund. The item was unopened in all original packaging. They require you to send an email to support and from there Newegg will decide if you can return the item. I of course was denied, which is ridicules sense its unopened and brand new. I personally expected to pay shipping and a restocking fee, but not complete denial. They don't post anything up front saying it is a non-returnable item and according to the support some items are and some aren't. It also sounds like its personal judgment left up to the support person, all very shady. I however will never buy something from NewEgg sense this is a horrible policy, but I want to inform all my friends.

  4. Hello all! I have been reading the last few posts and felt it necesaary to rant on a health care issue I have recently run into.

    I am close to being hired on permanent at Verizon Business and was going over the health package that they offer. It is actually a really good plan and is extremely affordable. The one kicker is that because I smoke cigarettes, my plan is 150% more expensive. That is not a typo. 150% more.

    Forget the fact that I haven't visited a doctor in like 10 years and I am the picture of perfect health. Forget that I am 27 years old and will not see the long term affects of smoking for 20 to 50 years from now. No, I smoke so my health insurance goes from 36 a month to 90 dollars a month. What a load of crap.

    If I was a fat ass would my health insurance go up? NO.

    If I participated in extreme sports every weekend would it go up? NO.

    If I was a hypochondriac and went to the doctor every time my butt hurt after taking a dump would it go up? NO.

    If I was Dylan and liked to smash my face on Tahoe dash boards would my health insurance go up? NO.

    Screw health insurance, screw Obama, screw America, screw Verizon, screw capitalism, screw civil rights, screw babies, screw sunshine, and screw you I'm out.

  5. Great post with the new Obama smoking package that got passed you can expect to see no more falvored cigs and a increase in taxes on the packs. But its all cool because Obama is a fellow smoker, you guys can unite.

  6. I know I miss spelled flavored...get over it.

  7. Brett needs a hug. I'd do it if he didn't smell like crap from the smoke.

  8. Thanks for the support guys. It's hard being black and gifted.

  9. Jake we need a new poll

    Should Brett do the following:
    1. Pay the extra money for insurance
    2. Quit smoking
    3. Lie and put on a strong colonge
    4. Sleep his way to the top of the company and change the rules...even if its men running the company


  10. Can I put on a strong colonge regardless of which option I choose? That sounds hot.

  11. Brett, you don't consider a smoker to be a higher risk? Don't you think a smoker has more health risks than someone who doesn't? Same goes for someone who has really high blood pressure and diabetes. Why not quit smoking and save money on both your insurance and taxes changed per pack?

  12. Sarah,

    There is no doubt that a smoker is a higher health risk than someone who is not, but there are all kinds of ways to put yourself at higher risk for illness and injury. You have got to understand that this was like the only stipulation as to how much my insurance is going to cost. If there were some kind of comprehensive analysis that decided how much I had to pay and being a smoker was one of many factors, I wouldn't have as much of a problem.

    Not to mention the fact that there is no telling what health insurance company I am going to have 30 years from now when I may or may not see the long term results of smoking. If I don't happen to have health insurance when I am 60, and I get lung cancer, are they still going to help me out since I have been paying premium rates my whole life. No, I will be left stranded and screwed.

    It's just like when I was 18 years old and I had to pay out the ass for car insurance because 18 year old males are the most "dangerous drivers". It's discrimination to the ultimate, but it's ok to discriminate against teenagers and smokers I guess.