Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Sotomayor is probably going to be approved as the Supreme Court Justice, which continues to show the extent of power that the President and Democrat-controlled Congress currently have to advance their agenda.

In 2001, Sotomayor said that she thinks "a wise Latina woman could reach a better conclusion than a white man."

As Newt Gingrich pointed out, had he or any other white man said the reverse of that he would have been labeled as a racist and probably asked to resign. This is the society we live in, but I'm sick of it. Our society has taken political-correctness so far off the deep end that it is now publicly acceptable to bash the so-called "white majority" because they are evil and have it so easy in life. Affirmative action, MBWE's, and school quotas are racism and discrimination at their finest, but of course that is only if you view them as principles.

Please someone explain to me how the following things are not racist and discriminatory:
- admitting a minority over a white person to a school in order to fill a quota
- awarding 25-30% extra points to a woman or minority owned business competing on a government contract

Oh that's right, it's because white people don't get equal opportunity - equal opportunity doesn't really mean equal for everyone, it means that white people have had too much opportunity for too long, and now they must be punished so that other races can have a chance. !!!!News flash!!!!! - white people only have similar colored skin, but have all kinds of varied heritage. When a kid with white skin is born from a white and an Asian parent, does he get lumped into the white discriminated-against majority? My heritage is Native American, Scottish, English, and a whole host of other things - why does that make me white? If a person from Whales, Norway, Germany, Italy, and South Africa all immigrate to the US, are we all thrown into the same evil white category because our skin has the same light color to it? Should we lump Hawaii-born Obama with mixed parents in with a black American and someone from Zimbabwe because they all have the same skin color - "African Americans"?

My point is simple, defining people by skin color is useless, inaccurate, discriminatory, and racist. I wish the government and everyone else would stop doing it. America is a melting pot - the sooner we see each other as Americans instead of the arbitrary skin color categories they put on standardized testing reports, the better off we will all be.


  1. You should be getting mad at all the whites before us that continued the cycle of racism. If non-whites had never been looked down upon as lesser humans by the whites from the start then we wouldn't be in the situation we are in now. Our forefathers started all this when they declared that "all men are created equal" but then ordered their house slave to go make them a sandwich or they would kill them (thanks Dave Chappelle).

    All I am saying is that throughout history the white race has made it tougher for other races to co-exist equally. There have been generations of racist feelings been passed down and there has always been some form of discrimination present. Now that the minorities are becoming the majorities in our population, the tables are being turned on the white man. Now we are starting to see that it sucks when things are not in your favor and we are crying like a bunch of babies who never saw it coming.

    You are right though Jake that we will all be better off seeing each other as humans and not classes of humans but that is virtually impossible to eliminate without becoming a bunch of socialists, which we all know we be the end of the world! But regardless of your politcal infrastructure or economy, there will always be classes of humans and the lower classes will always be discriminated against by the upper classes. Sure, eliminate the race part of it but, keeping our capitalistic society, we just create a new structure soley based on wealth. You can't win.

  2. I am sorry Justin but I have to disagree with your statement "throughout history the white race has made it tougher for other races to co-exist equally." That has been done by several cultures around the world. After all Egypt was known to have slaves long before the Romans. It remains an issue in the states because of lack of education and the rise of counter-racism. I do agree, Affirmative needs to come to an end. It served its purpose and we will forever be in the racism tangled web until we starting looking at each other as one race.

  3. At least in the capitalistic structure, with social class, rather than race, as the divider, one can get out of the "persecuted minority" group. With race, you can't change what keeps you in the "minority", but with a wealth/poverty structure, the people in the "poverty" minority actually have the opportunity to change their circumstance. So, saying that in a capitalistic society "you can't win" is wholly false. In fact, what makes capitalism so great, is that if you play the game correctly, you CAN win.

  4. Wow Jake, I really feel like you have been taking some angry pills lately or just want to get us riled up.

    I do agree affirmative action has gotten out of control, and it not needed in the same way it once was. I wish it wasn’t needed at all. I think you hit on a key point though. We are separated by our skin type, because this is a difference you can see. The normal person can’t look at the “evil white majority” and tell what your background is. But skin color difference is apparent to anyone. I wish we all could just be viewed as Americans, but I don’t see this happening anytime soon, and all parties are to blame. I don’t think organizations like the NAACP or any race focused organization in really helping their cause anymore. If you want to focus on helping poor, under educated or homeless masses, then I think you should focus on the entire group of people, not just one race.

    That being said, why does someone’s race give them better odds of going to jail or not going to college or determine if they are going to succeed. I am just as big on personal accountability as the next person, but I refuse to believe that the only reason Hispanics or African Americans struggle more that white-Americans is because they are lazy or unmotivated or have horrible parents. A class system was set up a long time ago in this country, and I think it is still possible to see some of the ramifications of it. Many of the civil right acts which outlawed discrimination based on race were only passed in the pass 50 years. I think the fact that actual laws had to be passed just goes to show how deeply rooted racism was in this country.

  5. Vanessa - I wanted to come back to the blog with a bang.

    I agree with your second comment regarding the causes. This country, like many cultures has a long history of doing everything possible to ensure minorities did not have a fair shot at success. But I think we've made a lot of progress in trying to set up a fair society where you can succeed regardless of your race. I just worry that extremists are pushing it past the point of equality to the point of discrimination on the opposite end of the spectrum. You can't undo what our country has done to minorities overnight, it takes time. And I think we've taken the right steps, but we just need to give it time to work. But discriminating against white people to help further this cause defeats the purpose and in my opinion is devisive and counter-productive.

  6. A fun read about this topic in Paris, Texas:

  7. Sorry, I should have specified "American history" in my previous statement. I was not involving the rest of the world.

    And I do agree that capitalism promotes classes with potential to move from one class to the next based on the amount of effort you exert. But that brings me back to the argument that our form capitalism is far from perfect and that before you can socially accept the fact that there will be classes of people, you have made the playing field truly level for everyone so that they can, in reality, climb up the capitalistic social class ladder.

    In all honesty, I don't feel that capitalism is the best system because it is a cesspool for breeding greed and deception to make that extra buck. What we need is a benevolent dictator who is truly looking out for all of our best interests and makes decisions with us as his top priority. But that is kind of like asking to be ruled by an omniscient and omnipotent god. Some of you may say we already are ruled by such a being. I ask you though, why hasn't he stepped in over the last 200 years of us screwing ourselves and helped? Or maybe he is now and that's why he sent us Obama...

  8. Anyone interested in Joining Me and Jake's new club? We call it the Caucasian Club. We recently changed it from the old spelling though. We used to be the KauKasian Klub, but it upset the mexicans.

  9. Ok, Justin. When you find the person who always knows what's best for everyone, I'll support your idea of a "benevolent dictator". Until then, Capitalism is the way to go.

  10. And Matt, I'm sure MB3K wasn't even aware that they had changed the spelling of KauKasian or Klub.