Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Peace Prize

I don't think its right how people have been criticizing Obama for winning the Peace Prize. Contrary to what the Obama-haters say, Obama wining the Nobel Peace Prize is a good thing.

1. It brings positive attention to our country after many years of failed foreign diplomacy during the Bush years.
2. It rewards the kinds of peaceful thoughts and intentions that Obama has started and encourages our country to continue moving forward with the same types of actions.
3. It also gives our country more leverage when we try and negotiate with the Iranians and N. Koreans over their nuclear weapons. If the world assumes we are doing this to help encourage a nuclear-free world instead of just trying to maintain our status as the only super-power then they are more likely to support our efforts.

1. I do agree it was a little early. And perhaps next year would have been more appropriate. But Obama did a good job of being humble when accepting it.
2. The people who give the awards have their own political motives for giving it to Obama but what do we care?
3. We look kind of hypocritical getting a peace award while we are fighting wars in 2 different countries. And on the brink of war with a few more.


  1. Don't be a bonehead Hambone. Giving the award to a president that was only in office 2 weeks of his term when he was nominated makes the award appear completely illegitimate. You can't award someone for intentions, the proof is in the pudding. They added him to a list of people that have done real things towards peace like the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa. I think giving it to someone that doesn't deserve it takes away something from the people who did deserve it. Is this award really about politics or something bigger?

  2. I hope this Blog doesn't get infested with liberal herpes.

    I have to agree with the Jake on this one. Maybe if they gave him the award next year, but the fact that he was nominated 2 weeks after he took office just ruins it. No one should win this award for what they "could possibly" do.

  3. Seriously, Hambonehead!

    I don't think people are criticizing the President for winning the award. I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who thinks the Nobel Peace Prize is seen as a flaw (except those people attempting to gain entry into the Super Villains and Associates. In that case, the peace prize is frowned upon). What they're critical of is that he hasn't done ANYTHING to deserve it. Ghandi didn't win the prize. Ghandi. The guy who literally starved to death for peace. So, people are critical that because Obama has offered up a few speeches about considering diplomatic talks with some of our longest standing enemies, isn't quite on par with the past recipients of the prize.

    Sure, there's the argument that it's not really for Obama, but for what Obama represents, in the idea of how far race relations and civil rights have progressed in the country, but come on, in that case, give the prize to the US voters (not me, I voted for McCain). The Nobel Prize is supposed to be pure. It's supposed to be free of political influence. It's supposed to be based on the merits of one's actions and results. This year, that organization lost credibility. I don't fault Obama for it. He can't help it that he's so damn charming and leaves even the Nobel committee star struck!

    Also, the argument that this is the international communities way of encouraging Obama to continue on the path he has thus far only described, is just plain silly. The Nobel organization shouldn't have a role in influencing world events, political alliances, and/or scientific discoveries/innovations. Their role is to reward those who are doing those things.

    In the end, it was a poor choice. It didn't do anything to improve our image abroad. People around the world know just as well as we do that Obama hasn't done anything that would deserve such a prize. Also, it doesn't give us any leverage in any talks with Iran or North Korea. They care that Obama won the Peace Prize even less than they care about U.N. Resolutions, which if you've paid attention the last year, they absolutely do not care about U.N. Resolutions.

  4. I don't understand why he has been give this award, its just plain stupid. I mean come on, we are in two wars for crying out loud.