Friday, December 11, 2009

Car Experiment

Cars are the biggest money pit and I'm sick of it. First you have to buy the car, which means either a lot of cash up front or monthly payments for 3-5 years plus interest. Then its regular oil changes, tire rotations, inspections, and registration renewals. Throw on top of that flat tires, engine problems/maintenance, dead batteries, gas, spark plugs, radiator this and that, o2 sensors, side view mirror replacements, windshield cracks, windshield replacements, tail light - lights, car washes, car details, more gas, replacement license plates, optional warranty extensions, frozen emergency break cables, even more gas, and last but not least, bumper stickers (1 political, 1 alumni, 1 funny, and 1 environmental). It all adds up fast and by the time you're done with the car you can easily spend more than what you initially paid for the heap. Not to mention all of the headaches and time spent dealing with the maintenance issues.

So I've decided instead of buying a new car I'm going to try a different approach.

My solution? Disposable cars {insert exciting flashing lights and dramatic sounds here}

Instead of $40k for a 10 year car (cost of a new car + upkeep over its life), I'm going to spend $2,000 every year and just buy a pieces of crap. I do not plan on doing any of the normal maintenance other than feeding it gas. And then when it breaks down on me (hopefully on the one year mark, exactly) then I will call a cab, go to the closest car lot, and buy next year's car.

Above is a picture of a good one to start with, below is the link. I really like this one because I think people will think I'm patriotic, I'll have plenty of room to drive around my friends, and I think its going to look great parked down by the river. The price tag is $1,995 but I'm pretty sure I can get them to throw in TT&L, cab fare, and a can of paint for racing stripes.


  1. somehow I don't thionk that would end up being cheaper, without regular oil changes you would be lucky to get 6 months out of that van

  2. I like it, I say go for it...but does this mean Cindy is going to get her car back or are you really just going to make her drive the Van?

  3. What will make this a "cheaper" deal all depends on how you weigh it out. If you put a significant value on driving a comfortable, safe, vehicle, then I don't think it would end up being cheaper. But strictly fiscally, you will definately save money. And you should be able to find cars for even cheaper that could possibly last you even longer than a year.

    My brother bought a car for 600 dollars about two years ago and is still driving that bad boy. Now that's value holmes. To be fair, he does live in a town that it takes 5 minutes to drive across.

  4. if I were in a a crappy old crapper, with no air bags, and shoddy seat belts that are shredding, i would almost surely be dead today. While i am pretty sure i have never personally paid for a car, I am alive because they have had safety features such as airbags and steel reinforcement. Safety outways any amount of money. And if someone else is buying, you can't be much safer than a volvo or a beamer. Holla!

  5. Is there any doubt who anonymous is?

  6. Jake, you poll needs to have a "don't have a car payment section" I don't like to be lumped in with all your debt holders