Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Guest Post: 'Global What?'

Guest Post by Adam: 'Global What?'

Global What?

You have to admit that the tag has changed. at first it was about global warming. and now that that's no longer convenient or accurate, because things like the above links keep happening, the tag-line has changed to "climate change" or the more youth-friendly "global weirding".

its very convenient to say that everything, hot and cold, is attributable to CO2 emissions, because then you really don't need science to back anything at all. its the infallible argument to say that everything that happens to the earth is the fault of the long as you are not a Republican.

i don't consider myself a Republican, so i'm not really trying to make this political. but, the issue truly is political, so I think its unavoidable. the term "climate change denier" is a very clever title indeed. similar to the pro-life/pro-choice titles. i'm impressed by the spin-doctors’ ability to create quips that force the other side to define themselves as evil or just dumb.

the climate change issue truly did start off as "global warming". and all of the liberals were up in arms that CO2 emissions were melting the planet. they cried "wolf" and told us that the sky was falling. then, it got snowed during global warming conventions, we had the coldest winters in years, and ski resorts started opening up earlier. so, clearly, there was no global warming. so, the term was shifted. now, CO2 emissions are still the devil, but for different reasons. now they are effectuating climate change, not global warming.

if the scientists had got their ducks in a row the first time around, and instead of claiming that CO2 was causing global warming, they actually claimed what they now believe is happening, we'd give them a lot more credibility. as it stands, they debunked themselves, by being a bunch of Chicken Littles and Boys Who Cried "Wolves".

Nobody is going to listen to you if you are always screaming and trying to justify your position through fear or sensationalist claims. and the "climate change deniers", are not really denying climate change, they are simply disclaiming these scientists' methods of informing us that what we're doing is wrong. we can all see thermometers and the numbers on them. whats up for debate is not whether the temperatures (aka climate) is changing. what is up for debate is why it is doing so. and the "scientists" shot themselves in the foot by speaking too soon. they told us that what we were doing was causing global warming. then, they did an about face when the data wasn't on their side. that's not how science works. unless its a theory, science is absolute. and these guys started firing their guns way too early. now, their out there getting eaten by wolves and finding pieces of the sky in their soup.

I don't doubt that pollution is bad. I don't like it and want to preserve nature. But i can't get on board with "scientists" who are always making extreme claims just to get people scared enough to get on their side. because as soon as it snows, i'm there to laugh at those "scientists" for telling me that my hairspray was melting the earth. and that's why i send those links out. so that we can all have a good laugh at the "Scientists Who Cried Warm".


  1. I have never bought into the global warming argument. Were the Dinosaurs polluting too much when the entire Earth froze over? Give me a break. ITS CALLED A CYCLE and don't act like you know why.

    That being said, we should take better care of our planet, although a very small percentage of this planets pollution comes from our country, so I'm not sure what we are supposed to do about it.

  2. typical scare tactics to promote a typical liberal agenda - with that being said, I support any and all efforts for us to live a more sustainable lifestyle, locally and globally. We only have 1 planet for now so we should probably try to avoid permanantly screwing it up.

    Not to mention, pollution is disgusting. Anyone been to LA lately? Smog capital of the universe.

  3. I agree with both of ya, so not much to add. A great item to put down for Houston over Dallas is all our new trees they are planing along the freeways. In about 10 years our freeways will be hidden in a forest...while Dallas will still have dead grass that causes fires.

  4. Yes you are all right, its all 1 big conspiracy. All of the world's scientists and policiticans are in on it and the gradual heating of the Earth is a plot for Obama to gain more power. Idiotic.

  5. Hambone,

    There is a difference between something being a conspiracy and everone just being plain wrong.

    It wasn't a conspiracy when the entire world thought the earth was flat...they were just wrong.

    I do not know for sure that I am right, but what is idiotic is believing something just because it is what you are told. Everyone who commented on this article all believe that we should take better care of our planet, so why does it matter if they believe in global warming?

    And what does Obama have to do with anything? This has been going on for years before anyone even knew who Obama is. As a person who supports Obama let me just say, don't be so freakin defensive, it just makes you look lame.

  6. The world is ROUND...crap that just blows my mind