Thursday, December 10, 2009

Illegal Immigration

I really like how the President keeps saying he is trying to be bi-partisan but the Republicans won't cooperate. What a joke. So basically his definition of bi-partisanship is abandoning what you believe in and agreeing with him? Bi-partisanship should be both sides compromising and meeting in the middle to make a bill pass for the good of the bigger picture. Not just one side giving in to the other. What a hypocrite.

If the President really wants to do something bi-partisan he should take up the illegal immigration issue and pursue amnesty. It seems like both sides could find common ground for the following reasons:

Liberal perspective:
- illegal immigrants should not be forced to work in horrible conditions for unfair wages
- illegal immigrants should make the minimum wage and have all of the same legal rights afforded them that normal citizens do
- illegal immigrants should have open access to health care, education, and other social services without worrying about the INS coming in the middle of the night to take their children away (Nancy Pelosi is a crazy liar)
(Liberals see this as a human rights issue. They don't see these people as criminals who have violated our laws. They won't even refer to these people as illegal aliens anymore, please dude, migrant workers is the preferred nomenclature)

Conservative perspective:
- illegal immigrants should pay into the system instead of just taking from it
- all of the money that illegal immigrants send back to their home countries in the form of under the table wages should be taxed
- stop wasting money on enforcing citizenship inside the US when obviously its not taken seriously by the government - spend the money instead on securing our borders to prevent unauthorized access in the first place
- securing the border is in the interest of national security, and is not just an immigration issue
(Conservatives see this as a national security threat as well as clear disregard for the laws that we all have agreed to live by in this country. If I tried to sneak into and live illegally in China, they would cut off both my feet and ship me home. But not here, no. Lets give every who sneaks in illegally free health care, an education, a driver's license, and hey lets not even make them pay taxes.)

It seems like both parties could please their base constituents and resolve a long-debated issue even if both parties are doing it for different reasons. I just don't think its realistic at this point to think we are going to deport 12-15 million people and have to break up families. So lets get them on the books and get them paying taxes. Enough with companies taking advantage of this cheap labor with under the table cash payments (restaurants, landscapers, construction industry, etc...). And enough with people entering this country without permission, enjoying most of our social services (education, hospital, etc...) and not giving anything back into the system.


  1. Good Post. I think your first point is really a matter of perspective but I'm tired of going down that road.

    While all of your immigration points make sense, don't you find it interesting that Texas has one of the healthiest economy's in the country, yet we may have a higher percentage of illegal immigrants than any other state or at least top 5. There has to be more to the opposing argument than it would just be really hard to do. I'm with you though.

  2. I would think one of the biggest arguments against it is that it sends the wrong message. If we give amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens, what kind of message does that send to the next 12 million attempting to try and get into the country?