Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Troops???

Big mistake....why would we send another 30k troops to that part of the world? We are fighting a loosing battle and this situation is quickly becoming similar to Vietnam. Obama is my man, but he is trying way too hard to appease both sides. Send more troops, pull some out, stay another 30 days, stay another 30 years, it doesn't matter. We cannot win this war. You can't fight people who hide in caves and who blend in with civilians. One day they are selling fruit in the market and the next they are blowing up your Humvee. We need to pull out all of the troops as soon as possible and leave that part of the world. There is nothing more that we can hope to accomplish in those two countries except the loss of more American lives.


  1. Well, it did work in Iraq...but no body wants to talk about it because that was the last thing Bush did...now we have less troops there then ever.

  2. Welcome back Jake and Hambone...Good to see both of you post something within 24 hours after nothing for weeks....I miss you too Jake. You should come to Dallas for New Years and we can race to Denny's again!!!