Thursday, December 17, 2009

Scare Tactics

So Obama did an interview with Gibson on ABC and below is what he "guaranteed" would happen if Congress doesn't pass the health care bill:

- Your premiums will go up
- Your employers are going to load up more cost on you
- Potentially your employers are going to drop you from coverage because they can't afford a 25-30% increase in health care costs
- The federal government will go bankrupt if nothing is done to fix Medicare and Medicaid

Incredible. This is the same guy who has been accusing the Republicans of using scare tactics and fear mongering. Am I missing something? Has this guy listened to himself lately? The federal government will go bankrupt? Everyone is going to get dropped from their health care plans, costs are going to sky rocket, and everyone is going to die? Yeah, those aren't scare tactics, he is just trying to get the truth out there about his health care bill and if you disagree, I'm sure the White House truth commission will be happy to clear it up for you.

I think the President is confusing the results of what will happen if we do pass this health care bill. Why are costs and premiums going to skyrocket over night if we don't pass this? Why are all of these employers going to suddenly be unable to afford to cover their employees because we didn't pass this bill? If we don't pass this piece of garbage then nothing changes, everything stays as it is now. Which I give you, is not perfect, but it seems a lot better the way it is now than how they are proposing it.

I have a better question. If Medicare and Medicaid suck so bad and are on the verge of collapse, then why are Congress and the White House proposing a massive expansion of these programs to the uninsured? Aren't they just magnifying the problem and making it worse? Or is throwing lots of new enrollees and money at the problem going to fix all of the MediScare problems?

Once again, I am forced to look like a jerk and say what most people are thinking. I like my health care. Sure, I think there are things that can be improved, but lets tackle them one by one and if they make sense to everyone then they will pass. I personally would like to see a single-payer system that isn't tied to where you work. They say generation Y people will change jobs at least 7 times during their career. Our generations doesn't work for the same company our whole life like our parents did so why does it make sense for our health insurance to be tied to our employer? I, like most people, would rather be paid more and then choose my own plan through whatever provider I want in the free market, but thats just the silly capitalist in me. Or how about doing something about all of the frivolous lawsuits that drive up doctors' malpractice insurance...oh that's right, most politicians are also lawyers so of course we can't do anything about that. Or what about doing something about the corruption and under-the-table deals in the pharmaceutical industry...oh that's right, they contribute a lot of dollars to politicians' fundraising war chests through their lobbying groups so I guess that one is off limits too. Ok, what if we enroll more people into a bankrupt, low quality of care system and then cut the reimbursement amount to doctors and then make it a crime for people to not have insurance and then tax the upper class 50% of their income...ok now I think we are getting somewhere.

Another thing I don't understand is, if most people (as in the majority) are reasonably satisfied with their health care then why are we revamping the whole system? I have some bad news for you bleeding heart idealists out there, many of the people out there who are uninsured, aren't victims of capitalism. How many people do you think are so-called "uninsured" can't afford coverage vs. choose not to buy coverage? My point being that people are stupid and as a result make stupid decisions in life. They choose to buy the latest cell phone, take on a fat new car payment, eat out every meal, but can't seem to make room in their budgets for health insurance - but of course not because they are irresponsible, but because the costs are too high, right? Wrong, these people don't buy it because they are banking on not getting sick, which they inevitably do. And then they walk into their neighborhood emergency room and get free treatment anyway, which of course is all funded by my property taxes (county taxes).

Insurance is not expensive, there I said it. And I know many people will disagree because of all the stuff you hear on the news, but go do the research yourself. Go look at sites like that compare multiple companies and you'll see...

You can get an 80/20 PPO low deductible plan with vision and dental for $230/month. That's less than most people's care payments and I would argue you get a lot more back from it than you do from your car. I chose to compare it to a car payment because people are ridiculous. How is it some people can afford a $500/month car payment, but can't afford $230/month in insurance?

For lower income people, you can get a high deductible plan for as little as $50/month. But then of course you would have to have a basic understanding of the original intention of insurance. Insurance is not to pay for you to go to the doctor every week. The point of insurance in all industries is to protect you against the catastrophic and unexpected events in your life. Its for when you get sick and you need major medical help, you will have a safety net to help you pay for it. So don't give me any of this crap about high deductible plans being worthless. If you get cancer, yes its going to suck to have to pay $5000 out of pocket (and yes, most hospitals and doctors offer payment plans), but its a lot better than getting saddled with a $100k bill. And at only $34/month, why does anyone out there (other than a small percentage of people that are actually poor and homeless) not have insurance?

Look, I'm not heartless. I think we as a society have a duty to take care of those that cannot do it for themeselves. I have no problems giving money to charities and even paying taxes for government programs aimed at that purpose, to help the poor, the hungry, the sick, homeless, disable, and mentally incompetent.

But there is a much larger issue at play here. We are becoming a nanny-state where people don't have to take care of themselves. Free-rides are handed out like candy and laziness is becoming a way of life.

In summary, I'm tired of the Democrats. I am physically exhausted with what they are doing. Its the same theme over and over again. Instead of doing things that encourage hard work they continue to promote a growing sense of entitlement and lack of personal responsibility.

The good news is, we are still a democracy and have the opportunity to vote these bafoons out of office (that is until the White House truth brigade decides that its in our best interest to vote on our behalf). So remember, in the upcoming 2010 elections, just don't vote for a Democrat.

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