Friday, January 22, 2010

Guest Post: 'Laser Eyes'

Guest Post by Kevin: "Laser Eyes"

I would like to pass the message along through Jakes blog that I will be joining the Donaldson club with getting my Eagle Eye Vision on Feb. 26th….wish me luck. Unlike Jake and the Wife, I will be getting lens implants behind my cornea; I am too far gone to do standard Lasik. They will be cutting a slit in my eye with some laser and then inserting a lens that will let me see the world clearly. After a few weeks, depending on how well my vision is with the lens will determine if I get touch up lasik. If you want to see some gross videos I am sure Jake can find some old 90’s lens implant videos, at lest today its more modern. See the poll for my upgrade option that I should go for.



  1. Yeah for Kevin!

    Also, I have a comment about your poll options...last time I checked most people already see the world in 3D - do you currently see the world and all of the objects in it as 2D/completely flat? If so, I'm definitely voting for the 3D lenses, you are missing out on so much!

  2. I that I will have eyes like those rad 3D glasses...and wont have to pay the extra $2 when I see movies like Avatar.

  3. I am surprise no one has any comments about the photo.