Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guest Post: 'Speaking of Annoying'

Guest Post by Brett: "Speaking of Annoying"

I am about address what I think to be one of the most annoying things that the average American has to deal with on a daily basis. I’m not sure where it started…maybe it was when department stores started enticing their customers with added discounts for getting a credit account with their store. Maybe it was when grocery stores started requiring a “membership” to receive the full value they offer with their products. No matter what started it, it is just getting out of hand. Everywhere I go I am constantly asked to sign up for some membership.

“All you have to do is take this card home with you, submit your application on line, and we will give you special discounts.”

LEAVE ME ALONE. All I want is to shop and eat in peace. If I accepted every membership I have been offered in the last month, I would have to carry a wallet in each pocket….seriously. The worst part is when you tell them you are not interested, and then they act like you must not understand the deal they are offering.

“There is no additional expense. All you have to do is sign up and every time you make a purchase with us you receive additional savings!”

My new response when I realize these people aren’t going to take no for an answer, is I simply explain to them that I don’t like free things. It’s actually pretty effective, and for the record, I have already done it twice today.
Peace, love, happiness, and hope for a brighter tomorrow - Brett


  1. So, you DON'T carry a wallet in each pocket? Not even as decoys?

  2. Discount Cards:
    Whenever I go to Walgreens and CVS, most of the the time they ask me if I have a discount..yadayada card and when I say no, they just scan one they have taped to the checkout machine anyway - so why even have the system?

    Why don't all of the stores stop wasting money on wallet cards, key chain cards, and applications and just sell their products at a competitive price? Sometimes without the card you can pay up to double what the discount price is. You're right, its annoying and I wish they would stop it!

    Store Credit Cards:
    I also agree that its funny how the people who work there act amazed when you say no. At places like Macy's or Pier One, when they try to get you to sign up for their credit card, they always say "are you sure you don't want it, because it would save you 25% off of your purchase today and look at you like you're stupid" -- yeah lady (or man), I might save 25% today, but then I have to deal with another credit card in my life and its not worth it. No means no, so just stop asking and leave me alone. Is it not enough anymore for me to come into your store and buy your products? You have to also hit me up for a high interest store credit card so you can try and take more money from me?

  3. Oh and brett, so about the additional last line, I just felt like your posting needed a stronger ending

  4. I hate all the cards, and when you sign up they still miss spell my name. Randell's calls be Mr. Tritz....I have asked them to change it, but you have to call this long 1800 number with a sea of menu's...sigh

  5. Does anyone have any ideas as to how we stop the madness? All I have come up with is the campaign slogan: STOP THE MADNESS!

  6. Well, first we need a little plastic card that tells us who is on board with stopping the madness. If you don't have the card then you can join the program with perks of stopping the madness.