Wednesday, January 13, 2010


1. And this is why I don't do gymnastics...because you make stupid faces when flipping.

2. And because I'm not very flexible or very good at flipping.

3. She better tuck that left arm in tighter or she is going to lose some points.

4. Is this a flip gone wrong or does she always make the face when in mid-flip? Or does she just always make this face?

5. Eric?


  1. 1. More proof of why it isn't a good idea to eat a lot of beans before gymnastics practice.

    2. Someone told her she couldn't bit her own ear and she has been like this ever since.

    3. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!"

    4. I think she might have broken her hip.

  2. Jake, you need to find a picture of Eric doing this.

  3. Are you sure this is a female? I think it is a man (with a pony tail).

  4. Man look good in a pony tail