Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what the...?

new type of blog...lets make funny comments about pictures I find online.
1. I think this person is trying to make fun of the sign. Had they any understanding of comedy they would know that this picture would be 10x as funny if they were standing next to the sign wearing one of the actual pink or orange outfits shown on the sign.
2. Is this a guy or a girl? Glasses and hair-doo suggest dude, but the purse, skinny jeans, and multi-colored socks say otherwise.
3. Wait, this picture is in Italy....Vanessa?
4. Why did the sign-makers choose to translate everything on the sign except for "Yes" and "No entry" - Did they feel that the pictures and symbols were enough for the Italians but the stupid Americans needed that extra little bit of explanation with actual words like Yes and No.
5. Wouldn't you love to go here with a group of people and all be wearing the "no entry" outfits, but just in all other colors but orange and pink. I mean how could they turn you away, it wasn't on the sign. And if it was on the sign, it wasn't written....come on, I'm an American dude, I can't understand all of these complex symbols like a blue arrow and red minus sign. (wouldn't a green arrow have made more sense? ok maybe I do need the words)


  1. Jake! It is like you read my mind. They have these crazy signs everywhere. The airport in Paris had some really good ones. However, the one sign they really needed that they didn’t have was a symbol to convey you better hall ass across this airport, because it is huge and you are probably going to miss your connecting flight.

    As for this picture I think it is a guy, and I am pretty sure he led one of the tours I took. Europe has thought of some really great pictograms to insure dumb Americans don’t do things like wear bikinis inside a basilica, or fall into a subway gap, which only made me wonder how many times this must have happened before they needed to put up these signs.

  2. 1. So...Dwight finally decided to take a vacation from the office and tour Italy.
    2. Chick dressed like a dude....great costume!
    3. I see they only allow lesbian women in…..awesome.
    4. “I was a model for one of the figures on the sign….which one?”
    5. “If I stand here long enough maybe people will think I am a statue. I saw this once in Hollywood.”

  3. I love the Europe Fire Exit signs...nothing says move in a calm orderly fashion like a stick figure running for the door.

    Oh and Jake, in Italy the world for Yes and No are spelled the same.

  4. and that is the problem with Italians, they just won't take no for an answer