Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life Changing Hair Products

Has your life ever been changed by the description on a hair product container?

I read these descriptions on my shampoo and conditioner bottles this morning and I'll be honest, its kind of making me re-evaluate some things in my life.

Shampoo should clean hair. Really good shampoo should make you tingle from head to toe. With Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo, invigorating ingredients wash in rejuvenation while washing away the previous day. You’re left with something rich, something clean. Something incredibly stimulating... for hair and mind. Think about it.

Silk. It has the most incredible feel, the most incredible texture. It makes you feel sexy. Desirable. Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner makes your hair feel so smooth, so silky, so amazingly detangled. It works only where needed to create a silky-smooth palette that's repaired, renewed and ready for your own unique kind of style. Smooth As Silk provides smooth moves indeed.


  1. Why do you own shampoo and conditioner?

  2. oh well obviously this happened in the 90's...I mean who seriously washes their hair in the 00's?

  3. Oh by the way Vanessa, remember how you asked me previously why your hair gets so dirty? I think I figured out your problem. But you may have to revert back to an old fashioned way of doing things...I like to call it "washing your hair"

  4. If what you have is a result of years of hair washing, I will stick with my full head of dirty hair.

  5. What I have? My hair style is a choice, not a result of genetic or environmental causes. I've found that my height can be intimidating to some people so I style my hair like this to help me look shorter.

  6. Vanessa, I think the fact that his shampoo had a tinkling sensation was the problem. I have a feeling Jake uses some type of acid. Just go get yourself some Pert and you will be good...not that cheap black market stuff that Jake used.

  7. 1. Awesome scenario #1
    Wouldn't be awesome if my shampoo really had been the reason for my hair loss for all of these years and the next time you guys saw me I had a full head of hair because I switched shampoos?
    2. Awesome scenario #2
    Wouldn't be awesome if I really had been intentionally cutting my hair like this as the longest running joke ever and I finally decided to unleash the punch line and grow my hair back to normal...haha, the joke is on everyone!

  8. Awesome scenario #1 - Truly awesome. Make this happen!
    Awesome scenario #2 - You may have let this joke run on about a week too long.

  9. I think you need to come back with hair on the top and bald on the side...that would be Awesome scenario #3

  10. MoonMountedLaserBeam5000 - To avoid angering Nancy or Brett, I'll have to talk in code. You know that "skiing club" we are both members of and that you are "ski captain" of? Man I really stirred things up by suggesting to the rest of the "ski club" that we only "rent skis" once a week instead of twice a week. Controversy is my middle name. Just wait until I get my hair back - that will really create controversy.

  11. A few points...

    A. Talking in code does not make this topic any less boring.

    B. I never trashed your gay conversation, I just pointed out that your mom is awesome for trashing your gay conversation. It would actually benefit me for you to keep talking about it to get more comic gold from your mother.

    C. I would think that ski club members would own their own skis, or at least rent to own!

  12. and MoonBeamRyder...I like scenario #3!

  13. Thanks Brett...although our ski club likes to use our money to build debt by renting our skies and prefer not to be one the rent to own program. Jake, you managed to ski you beautiful bald head right into a hornets nest. Taking away skiing twice a week to once a week seems to make people upset...I mean come on, its just skiing. These people should just buy extra ski holders.

  14. Yeah I had no idea people felt that passionatly about the number of ski rentals per week. How is it that the rest of the world can get by on 1 ski rental per week, but for some reason our neighborhood, apparently the ski capital of the world, requires two per week. I don't understand how even the larger families are generating that much ski time. Perhaps as you suggested, they need a larger ski holder and then they wouldn't need the multiple ski trips per week.

    I was talking to Cindy about it last night and by our calculations, I think we might use the ski rental once every other week or roughly twice a month. So I really have no idea how some people use it twice a week or 8 times a month. My guess is its because these people aren't recycling...I mean reusing their old skis.

  15. Someone emailed me last night asking why don't we go to skiing once a week and then add a ski lift at the club house. I mean really, a ski lift, those things are ugly and smell bad. Who wants to live next to a ski lift, sure its convenient until people complain about the lack of parking and juices that come from it.

    Oh hey, what eye center did you use and then Cindy used?

  16. I can't talk in code anymore, I'm getting too confused and am not really 100% sure on what we are actually talking about anymore. And we'll just have to run the risk of upsetting Nancy again. On the flip side, if she does get upset, it will make Brett's day.

    Yeah I saw someone else post about a dumpster - where in the heck would we even put it? How about if the people who want it can rotate having it on their driveway. Everyone wants stupid stuff until they realize they might have to make some kind of sacrifice to get it.

    I just stirred up more trouble by responding to some stupid person who said that reducing from 2 to 1 pick-ups per week was going to attract all of these rodents and make our entire neighborhood reek of trash. That is the stupidest thing I have ever hear so I let him have it... I also commented about trash containers and said I was tired of people just setting their bags out because on bad weather days it makes a mess. I'm pretty sure that will piss some people off. I'm also pretty sure that all of my commenting has completely screwed me out of any potential HOA board aspirations. Oh well, there's always Congress - they'll take anybody.

  17. MB3K - As HOA president, you can do whatever you want right? I mean you don't have to take a vote or anything, you can just decide to do something and do it, right?

    I will give you $1,000 to implement the following:
    1. Reduce trash-picks to 1 time per year.
    2. Fire the landscape company and just let it grow...man.
    3. Fire the security company and add barb wire to the tops of all of the perimeter fences.
    4. Cover the club house roof with solar panels.
    5. Convert the club house yard and pool into a dog park. Dogs only, No swimming,
    6. Make everyone paint their entire house this year. - Only one rule, no color can be repeated, every house must have a unique color.
    7. Install a rogue 4 way stop sign at the Bellfort/Lakes610 intersection.
    8. Add a huge neon Las Vegas style sign to the entrance of our neighborhood that reads: "LakePoint Inner Loop Community (we're connected by the astroworld land bridge)"
    9. Add fish to the pond and allow boating/swimming activities.
    10. Build a 100' tall observation tower on top of the club house (you can just add on to the existing one).

    I know some of this stuff might cost money, but after you can the security and landscape companies, you'll have a good downpayment on many of these projects. The rest you can collect through dues.

  18. If you two don't stop it, my next post will be every single word of Obama's state of the union address with commentary. Continue at your own risk........

  19. Sorry Hambone, but I have to respond. First, Jake I see board position in your future. Just think, we would be unstoppable. The board can do as they please with two out of the three votes. And you will surely get elected, no one ran again me or charlie this past year. Come Nov. My reelection and Richards reelection will be a breeze. And you can stir up the the hornets, its not like you have to worry about them finding out where you live and stalking you.

  20. Now to respond your your 10 point plan.

    1. Done
    2. Nature everywhere, plus 60% of people hate earth care anywaz.
    3. Someone at the last meeting brought up putting barbwire on the fences. They live off the like, just an fyi.
    4. Done, right after my house. Need 2/3rd of the neighborhood because its a DEED items (am just the prez, not god)
    5. I like dog parks, who uses the pool anywaz.
    6. I love the color idea, approved
    7. I think I could go to jail on this one...lets get Brett to do it. I will buy the signs
    8. You know I like Vegas and I am supporting of the inner-loop connection
    9. Charlie already added fish and also craw-fish to are pond...fish away my friend
    10. Only if we can snip the naysayers from our tower....we can make it a guys only club house.

    All great ideas, keep them coming...and after I am dictator of Lake Pointe you will be my right hand man.