Thursday, February 25, 2010

Party of No

Looks like the "Party of No" is at it again. The President makes this huge effort to bring both parties together to solve the problems with the health care bill and the Republicans instantly reject any and all attempts.

Do the Republicans really think saying no to compromises and rejecting everything the Democrats propose is really going to make our country better? Do they really think the American people want that?

Health care, the budget and deficit, social security, etc... all of it is out of control and President Obama is trying his damnedest to do something to help solve these problems. All the Republicans care about it creating roadblocks and blocking progress. Our country has to continue to evolve and change to remain the great place that it is. The bills proposed by the President and the Democrats are trying to help the people that need it most. And yes, big surprise, some of those bills, plans, and programs cost a little money, but they are things that we as a country have an moral responsibility to done, even if it takes our country a little longer to pay it off. But even the latest health care proposal includes a plan to reduce the deficit so how can Republicans still not be on board with it? Someone should explain to these guys that compromise doesn't translate to getting your way on everything. Not to mention, they should remember that they are the minority party because Americans were fed up with Bush-olitics and kicked them all out.

And then there is all this talk about Republican comeback in 2012, what a bunch of crap. The only way the Republicans are making a comeback in 2012 is if the Teaparty nuts storm Washington with their antique colonial rifles and take Congress and the White House back by force. Why would Americans put Republicans back in control? What have they done other than vote "no" to every single thing that our President and Congress have tried to do? We already know they can't do any better because none of these problems were fixed the last time they were in control, if anything, their failed policies is what got us here in the first place.

Americans sent President Obama to Washington to get things done and make our country a better place. If the Republicans don't have anything constructive to contribute then they need to get the hell out of the way.


  1. Dear BoneHead (I mean HamBone)---do you really think it is that simple? Give me a break! Have you checked the polls lately? I'm not sure this is what Americans want.

  2. I agree Hambone. The Republican party is one of the two worst parties in our country.

  3. Worst part is the people with no ideas are nevertheless given so much reverence and respect by the media, who bow deferentially to every talking point they spout...

  4. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. GUESS WHAT? I just laughed so hard as I read through this blog, as I can tell that you have the IQ OF A FUCKING PEBBLE!

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